Payment Options and Insurance

Insurance Information

We believe finances should never be an obstacle to a beautiful smile. Orthodontic insurance can be a big help. It is a wonderful way to defray the cost of orthodontic care. You may have dental insurance with your employer that covers a portion of our fees. Although we do not deal directly with the insurance companies, we will help you to claim your maximum benefit.

Please bring your insurance information with you to the examination appointment so that we can expedite your reimbursement.


There are countless different policies available for benefit packages. Your employer chose the specific benefits offered in your dental/orthodontic insurance plan. Unlike medical insurance, most dental insurance companies pay only a portion of the orthodontic fee. 
Since every insurance company sells several different policies, it is impossible for us to predict exactly what is covered by your policy. If you have any questions about coverage, please contact your insurance agent, your union representative, or your employer’s "Health Benefit" section at work. See the 'Calling your Insurance Company' section below.

Filing a Claim

Filing a claim is quite easy. We will mail you a completed Dental claim form for you to sign and forward to your insurance company.

Insurance Payments

Our approach is that your insurance is an arrangement between you and your insurance company. We will make all financial arrangements directly with you. You will be responsible for making all payments directly to our office.

Your insurance company will send all payments directly to you. Often there are delays of 6-10 weeks until payments are sent. Keep a record of the payments to insure you have received all of your benefits.

Please be aware that all professional services are charged directly to the patient. The insurance company may or may not reimburse you for part of the fee. You are responsible for any portion of the fee the insurance company does not pay.

Calling Your Insurance Company

Before You Call:

  1. Have your insurance ID Card in front of you. You will need
    1. ID# of insured person (often the Social security Number of insured)
    2. Plan #
    3. Group Number
    4. Employer’s Name and ID#
  2. Be ready to take notes:
    1. Write on this form
    2. Put down the date you called!
    3. Summarize what you were told & who gave you the information

When You Call:

  1. Call the Customer Service number.
  2. Ask for Coverage Information. Indicate that you are interested in Orthodontic Coverage
  3. Identify the patient:
    1. Insured?
    2. Spouse?
    3. Child? Give Child’s date of birth
  4. Are there any age restrictions?
  5. What ages are not covered?
  6. What is the coverage?
    1. Lifetime?
    2. Yearly?
  7. Are there any deductibles?
    1. Lifetime?
    2. Yearly?
  8. Does the overage have a lifetime limit?
    1. How much is it?
    2. Has any been used up yet?
    3. How much is left?
  9. Where should the claim be sent?
    1. Is the address on the card the correct address?
    2. Is there a special address for this specific plan?
    3. What is the customer service person’s name?
    4. What is her telephone extension number?

After the call:

  1. Write down a summary of your coverage as it was explained to you

Note: If you have any problems interpreting the information given to you, please call Vicki @ 388-2970