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Check out Dr. Carlson's Teacher Page


Be sure to check out Dr. Carlson's 'Teacher' Page to learn more about his lecturing and educational escapades.

Posted by Carlson Orthodontics on Friday, October 9, 2015

Check out Dr. Carlson's Course Page


Dr. Carlson and his colleague Dr. Quintero Quintero Orthodontics are gaining lots of steam with their new course created...

Posted by Carlson Orthodontics on Friday, October 9, 2015

Dr. Carlson Lecturing at CAO/PCSO


Dr. Carlson will be lecturing at the CAO/PCSO Meeting this month in Palm Springs.

Posted by Carlson Orthodontics on Friday, October 9, 2015

World premiere of the VCA! Dr. Carlson Lectures to 3-D Anatomage User's in San Francisco.

Dr. Carlson and his team have been using 3-D diagnositics since 2008. Dr. Carlson recently lectured on the subject to the Anatomage User's Group Meeting attendees in San Francisco. The VCA (Visual Craniometric Analysis), developed by Dr. Carlson, was presented to this international group of dentists. Once again, the User's Group Meeting was SOLD OUT, with over 300 doctors attending from across the globe.


Dr. Carlson Lectures to the North East Society of Orthodontists in Montreal, Canada

In November of 2010, Dr. Carlson lectured to the North East Society of Orthodontists in Montreal, Canada. This meeting is attended by doctors and staff from North America and Canada. Dr. Carlson's lecture was well received and his discussion of recent scientific analysis of x-ray dosimetry prompted considerable follow-up interest from many groups nationwide.


Dr. Carlson Lectures at Inaugural Anatomage User's Group Meeting

Dr. Carlson recently gave a lecture at the Inaugural Meeting of Anatomage Users. Anatomage is the cutting edge software company behind InVivoDental, which is the special 3-D program you see us using in the office. The meeting was SOLD OUT! It was attended by doctors from all over the country, as well as by a few international attendees.

Back To School and Retainers

Here are some friendly reminders for those of you wearing your retainers full time. These reminders will help keep you from having to go through the garbage at school and from having to do extra chores to pay for your new retainers!

When eating lunch at school...PLEASE...keep your retainers in your mouth. Don't wrap them in napkins or leave them on your lunch trays. Both acts could lead your retainers into the garbage and off to retainer heaven.

After eating make sure to rinse your retainer under water and place back into your mouth...right away.