Experience the Future of Orthodontic Treatment Today


Your 3D orthodontic records are taken right in our office for your convenience. This revolutionary approach reveals unparalleled 3D diagnostic information. In addition, we have eliminated the need for diagnostic dental impressions. All of our information is acquired in a single 8.9 second scan. This also eliminates the need for positioning bulky x-ray films in small mouths. 

We believe the orthodontic diagnostic process should be individualized for each patient's unique problem. Therefore, it is a discovery process that allows us to plan for your individual anatomical balance far into the future.

Our cutting edge 3D technology allows us to create virtual 3D file called an AnatomodelTM. This includes a facial map, craniofacial bones, temporomandibular joints, teeth, roots, sinuses, and airways all in a single integrated and interactive file. Your AnatomodelTM can then be seperated into parts as needed. Tissue morphing and virtual treatment outcomes or predictions are also possible.



Orthodontic Study Models Without Impressions

Orthodontic study models in our office are made without impressions because they are made directly from the CBCT data itself. More informative than traditional stone or digital models, these new fully interactive and dissectible CBCT digital models also include accurate root information in 3D and bone levels for the first time ever. Having straight teeth is nice, but more important is having straight roots and healthy bone levels.